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Posted by Saccn on August 1, 2011 at 5:31 AM Comments comments (7)

If you see an item with a fire icon that's called "Undefined Item" in your chest, DO NOT touch it. It'll make you crash and not be able to connect. Just posting this until Fj fixes the problem.

Server is up again!!! With a hostname!!! And works again! (Yes it was broken for a short while)

Posted by Mr_FJ on June 22, 2011 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (2)

Right, I hope everyone checks out the website, from time to time... And I hope people make a thread, on here, if they feel the website/server, is missing anything (HINT HINT) If people don't, I won't be able to update them, and I won't be able to make improvements :) I appreciate all critic! Even if I may not like the critic ;)
Anyways, on to the news, which I will supply in Q&A form.

Q: Umm, I can't log on, but the server status (on the right -> ) says it's working/online!!!!
A: As you may have noticed, the server IP has changed, and when it did, I decided to set up a hostname in it's place. If you already know that, try adding :3000 to the end of the hostname. If THAT doesn't work, make a forum post, OR send me a pm, OR send an E-mail to: JAdair at [email protected], becuase my email is broken at the moment :(

Q: The IP changed? WHY??? What does this mean for me?
A: Well, you need to type something new, to enter the server:

Q: What is a hostname???
A: Short version: It's like an IP. Long version: All websites are located on server computers, those computers have IP's. A hostname, is the url, that redirects you to the IP of the server computer, where the website is located.

Q: So why did you do this, is it a good thing? If yes, why? Will the IP change again?
A: Yes the IP could change again, I created a hostname; so that next time the IP changes, you don't have to change anything, I will just change which IP, the hostname leads too! More work for me, less work for you guys. I hope you think that is a good thing ;)

Q: This is all very confusing... What exactly do I need to do?
A: Simply go in to Minecraft and press multiplayer, then write: and press join. If that doesn't work, try with:

Hope to see you all on the server soon :) And please let me know in the comments, if you are interested in me making a TeamSpeak server? And what do you think of a 1$ fee to enter the Nether? :/ I need some money to upgrade the server :(

EDIT: WAUW, GOOD JOB SLEEKSERVERS! They changed the ip again without telling me -_- Anyways, working now (Just conenct to the hostname as it says on the right -> )

TLDR: Changing ip, and trying to get a hostname.

Posted by Mr_FJ on June 19, 2011 at 10:04 AM Comments comments (1)

I received the ofllowing E-mail from my host, Sleek Servers:

Unfortunately we will be closing down the Chicago location because it has become too costly for us and we cannot manage / repair our equipment without paying them an additional fee. IF we were charging more for our game servers than this wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately we tried charging more for premium locations without success. The Chicago location has been great, but simply put, we are not making enough money to justify the support and labor we put into it. We have also been running into hardware issues with one of our game server machines. We want to maintain a high up time with our systems and we cannot repair them quickly when they go down.

We will need to transfer your game server to one of our other available locations (Atlanta, Kansas City, or Los Angeles). Kansas City is within the same region as Chicago and it would probably be the best choice for your move. Unfortunately we cannot move IP's so your IP will change. Please submit a support ticket when you're ready for the move and be sure to specify what location you would like to move to. Lately because of the hardware issues we may or may not be able to move your game server. IF the system goes down then we may have to create a new server for you.

IMPORTANT: Minecraft users can only move to Kansas City. However we cannot transfer your maps because TCAdmin has troubles with it. HOWEVER you can! You can download your map folder using FTP or you can zip it up first and then download it. We ask that you open a support ticket when you're ready for your replacement Kansas City server. Chicago servers will remain online until June 30th 2011. IF you do not contact us for a replacement server in time we can still create one for you, however you will not have access to your old server files.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. The Chicago location has simply become too costly for us.

If you have any questions, please open a support ticket!

So I figured, since the server is getting a new name, I should try getting a hostname to work :D So it will either be:, or, if I can make that work. How does that sound?

On a second note, I have a very complicated plan, that I hope to activate soon. Warning the following image, is extremely complicated!!!(badjoke):

New map.

Posted by Mr_FJ on May 19, 2011 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (5)

A new map has been rendered for world Ariyun :)


Server status

Minecraft version:





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