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Server is up again!!! With a hostname!!! And works again! (Yes it was broken for a short while)

Posted by Mr_FJ on June 22, 2011 at 10:25 PM

Right, I hope everyone checks out the website, from time to time... And I hope people make a thread, on here, if they feel the website/server, is missing anything (HINT HINT) If people don't, I won't be able to update them, and I won't be able to make improvements :) I appreciate all critic! Even if I may not like the critic ;)
Anyways, on to the news, which I will supply in Q&A form.

Q: Umm, I can't log on, but the server status (on the right -> ) says it's working/online!!!!
A: As you may have noticed, the server IP has changed, and when it did, I decided to set up a hostname in it's place. If you already know that, try adding :3000 to the end of the hostname. If THAT doesn't work, make a forum post, OR send me a pm, OR send an E-mail to: JAdair at [email protected], becuase my email is broken at the moment :(

Q: The IP changed? WHY??? What does this mean for me?
A: Well, you need to type something new, to enter the server:

Q: What is a hostname???
A: Short version: It's like an IP. Long version: All websites are located on server computers, those computers have IP's. A hostname, is the url, that redirects you to the IP of the server computer, where the website is located.

Q: So why did you do this, is it a good thing? If yes, why? Will the IP change again?
A: Yes the IP could change again, I created a hostname; so that next time the IP changes, you don't have to change anything, I will just change which IP, the hostname leads too! More work for me, less work for you guys. I hope you think that is a good thing ;)

Q: This is all very confusing... What exactly do I need to do?
A: Simply go in to Minecraft and press multiplayer, then write: and press join. If that doesn't work, try with:

Hope to see you all on the server soon :) And please let me know in the comments, if you are interested in me making a TeamSpeak server? And what do you think of a 1$ fee to enter the Nether? :/ I need some money to upgrade the server :(

EDIT: WAUW, GOOD JOB SLEEKSERVERS! They changed the ip again without telling me -_- Anyways, working now (Just conenct to the hostname as it says on the right -> )

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Reply Krennan
9:39 AM on June 23, 2011 
And I dont care about the TS server, but I think charging 1$ for the nether is resonable.
Reply Krennan
9:34 AM on June 23, 2011 
It says I'm not white-listed.