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Hello people of the server.

Posted by Mr_FJ on September 4, 2011 at 3:10 PM

As some of you may know, the server is down at the moment. (Attempt at calming you with a bad joke)
It will be up as soon as I get my credit card, as my old one had to be locked, because I forgot my wallet in the bus. It was supposed to arrive in the mail friday, and my bank (nor postal service) is not known for slacking. So it is more than likely I will have it monday/tuesday.
At which point the server will go back up. (and a rendered map of the server)

On a side note, I recommend reading this thread.
And I saw this on twitter:

speedylegs8: will you upgrade the multiplayer so you dont have to put in a ip and just choose from a big list of all the servers"

jeb_: @speedylegs8 Yes, it's included in 1.8

I don't know how that could even work with bukkit, but if it magically does, I am excited :)

That's all for now. As always, feel free ot emailme, pm me, or create a forum thread about ANY questions or suggestions :) 
My internet was fixed a little while ago, so I will check my email almost every day now :)

Edit: I payed a few days ago, and am now waiting for the server to go back up, I didn't notify sleekservers when I couldn't pay :/ So I'm giving them a few days to reconize I have payed again ;P

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