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Mr_FJ's Minecraft server

  1. What are the rules of the server(s)?

    Click on Rules, in the menu, on the left, to view the server rules.
  2. Can I become an admin?

    If you:

    • Are 18 years, or older.
    • Now what it means to be an admin.
    • Are not a creeper.
    • Know and understand the server, and admin rules.
    • Are comitted to bring justice to the server.
    • Don't expect this to be "Lol free items"
    Then send an application to: [email protected]
  3. Where can I contact you?

    Talk to me in-game, make a post on the forums, "Tweet" me, or send me an E-mail: [email protected] Make sure you have an appropriate tpic for the mail! And good spelling/grammatics weigh higly in my books (even though I often misspell words myself :P)

    If I don't respond within 3 days, send the E-mail again :P My junk folder can get pretty crowded :(

  4. Can I advertise for your server?

    Email me, if you want to advertise for my server. I wan't to know where I'll be getting new users from ;)

  5. Someone stole/destroyed stuff!! what do I do???

    If someone griefed in any way; please report it.
    You must understand, that I can't simply ban without proof, so please do one, or more, of the following - More is of course better:

    • Take a screenshot; preferably of them admitting to the crime, in the chat.
    • Get witnesses.
    • Ask other admins for help.
    • Then make a post in the forums, under the suggestions category.
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