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Miiiinecraft, talking 'bout Miiiiiiiiinecraft.

Minecraft rules:

  1. Don't destroy other peoples stuff, Anywhere, this is called griefing and will get you banned! (This includes basements, if you dig in to a basement by accident, close the hole and dig around.
  2. Don't place random blocks, water, or lava. Consider this before placing blocks: "Will this look out of place, ugly, or is it out of the server theme?"
  3. Don't build something that doesn't fit the server theme?"
  4. Don't leave part of trees, please remove all of the log blocks.
  5. Don't build too close to spawn, atleast not without asking first! Explore a little 
  6. Don't enter other peoples homes, without permission. That includes building tunnels and, knowingly, digging directly under them - without permission.
  7. Don't build inside towns, without asking the mayor, of the town.
  8. Don't steal inside towns. (a list of towns can be found under "Servers", in the menu to the left.)
  9. Don't leave your chests unprotected, stealing is allowed outside registered towns; unless it breaks rule #1.
  10. Don't build huge projects, towns, or roads, without asking in the projects forum; or they will be destroyed!
  11. Don't build sky bridges, or other structures in the air. If you really want to build in the air, ask in the projects forum first.
  12. Do use "/home set" to set your home, then "/home" to teleport there  (Also /spawn, to go to spawn)
  13. Do have fun.
  14. Do explore as much as you wish!
  15. A town must have at least 5 inhabitants to be made official. To request that your town be made official, make a thread in the projects sub-forum.
By the way, if you see a sign with text in this color; an admin has placed it... You should probably not destroy it.
Oh and the IP is on the left of the website :) Over there >>>

Admins must abide to the standard rules, and the following:

Check everything using BigBrother, preferably the "/bb stick" commands.
Fix griefing with the "/bb rollback" command; but ask me about how they work, before using them, if you are in doubt. 
  1. You may NOT give items to non-admins. Unless they lost items to a griefer (stolen inside towns/chest destroyed), then you may reimburse them. 
  2. You may NOT give yourself anything, unless it was stolen inside a town!!!
  3. You may NOT teleport non-admins. Unless it's for a server event (approved by me).
  4. You may NOT teleport to non-admins if they don't want you too. Unless you have reason for believing, that they are breaking rules.
  5. You may NOT start a fight. If someone kills you, ask them to stop and give you your stuff back. If they refuse, kill them once and take all their stuff. (If they repeat you may kick them.)
  6. You may NOT kick people for killing you outside towns. You can kill them once though. (They asked for it)
  7. You may NOT use BigBrother to repair tiny damage.
  8. You may NOT use BigBrother to repair HUGE areas, without consulting me first!
  9. If you see someone killing or stealing in town, tell them to stop. If they ignore your warning, KICK them. (Reimburse any stolen items.) If they do it several times and ignore you, kill them, then BAN them.
  10. If you see someone hacking, confirm it happens more than once ( it could just be a glitch), take screenshots, then BAN them. 
  11. If you see someone griefing, tell them to stop. If they ignore several warnings, take screenhots, then BAN them.
  12. If someone admits to griefing, or hacking; take a screenshot of the chat, then BAN them.
Screenshots are to be uploaded in the dropbox, with the banned persons name + date&time, as filename.

If you see an admin break any of the rules:

 Do one, or more of the following; more is better:

  • Take a screenshot; preferably of them, admitting to the crime, in the chat.
  • Get witnesses .
  • Ask other admins for help.
  • Then make a post in the forums, under the griefing category.