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Current map: Gorean

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Mode: PvP is enabled inside specific arenas, but is disabled everywhere else. Chest protection is enabled.
Theme: Medieval/Fantasy, this will be enforced to some extend.
Gorean is the third main server world.
The theme will, as always, be followed somewhat, so very futuristic, or very unrealistic buildings, may lead to warnings or even removal. If you are in doubt, don't hesitate to ask :)
PvP arenas are located around the world, which is the only place you may fight other players.
A good trading system is in the planning face :)

- Floria. Located right next to spawn.
Pictures of the towns, may be added here at some point.
Newest map of Gorean: - Last updated 14th of May, 2012
Old map of Gorean: - 24th of November, 2011 
Old map of Ariyun: - I'm not sure when Ariyun stopped. This is from the latest version of the world.
Old map of Florae: (Please let me know if this works!)